This Creature Was Found In His Kitchen. When He Took A Closer Look, His Heart Sank…

When a caretaker at England’s University of Sheffield discovered a strange little creature running around a campus kitchen, he had no idea what to make of the little guy.

He then realized what he was looking at a hedgehog, who has had all of his spines “chopped off.”
Creature Hiding In Kitchen
He was brought to the Cawthorne Hedgehog Sanctuary in South Yorkshire in the care of Anita and Allen Broadhead, and was named Frankie.
Creature Hiding In Kitchen
Following his rescue, Frankie still won’t uncurl, and is quite scarred by his experience. Luckily, he’s finally safe from the monsters who did this to him.
Creature Hiding In Kitchen
The incident is being investigated by the university, and Anita has a message for whoever did this to poor little Frankie: “Stop and think how you would feel if someone mistreated you and left you in a position where you couldn’t look after yourself because you had no means of protection.” Amen to that!


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