His Dad Was Only Small Business Owner In Town, Surprised His Entire School One Day…

Through the entirety of elementary school, I would buy ice cream for my class on Fridays at lunch. The money came from flipping Pokémon cards, paper jewelry, and of course, mostly from my dear old dad. It doesn’t seem like much, but aw all came from a very poor rural town with one store and one school. Our “playground” at school was a stretch of coarse pavement. It was like the 60’s in the 90’s.z

My dad had just started up his own machine shop in town which employed ten or so. My slight business sense as a kid coupled with my dad’s business sense made us “rich.” Everyone would call us “boss man” which is probably where I began realizing that being a “boss man” wasn’t the norm.

My dad taught me a lesson after he realized I was spending all my money on the other kids. “If you want to make a lasting impression, let’s really give something back and fix up that old playground.” My dad’s machine shop then produced and installed an entire playground system for our school at no cost. It was that day I knew what it meant to be a good man and that I wanted to be just like my dad.


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