Extremely Dangerous Roads Around The World That Few Dare To Travel

Here are 12 of the most dangerous roads in the world!  The mere thought of driving on these winding, extreme roadways is enough to make you ill.


1. Khardung La, India

dangerous roads

National Geographic and Guinness World Records both say that this is the tallest pass road in the world and watch out for rockslides here.

2. Guoliang Tunnel, China

dangerous roads

The 1200-meter long tunnel goes right through this mountain!

3. Dalton Highway, Alaska

dangerous roads

This road is known as the snowiest and most isolated road in the world.

4. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

dangerous roads

This road was built so large ships could easily pass underneath, but it looks more like a rollercoaster than a bridge!

5. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

dangerous roads

Tourists love this road for all of the breathtaking views but you have to be careful of the ocean waves crashing up the sides.

6. Zoji La, India

dangerous roads

This road was built to connect Ladakh and Kashmir. It’s extremely narrow and rocky.