Girl Was Lucky When She Was Saved From The Worst Online Date Ever

To the kind lady who saved me from the worst online date ever. Thank you for spotting the red flags, first by sending over a friend to ask us about ourselves right after you saw him order me a shot. You knew I didn’t belong there, especially with him. I am outgoing and self-confident, I know how to say no but sitting there in a bar with a complete stranger who was old enough to be my father I didn’t know how to do anything. I wanted to leave, but he ordered another shot. The group sitting by us in the bar came up to us and told him to stop feeding me shots (she counted 3 lemon drops and tequila coming) this lady offered to walk me to my car, I had been trying to go. This was met with protests from the date, but I just left. I never wanted to kiss him, I didn’t want him to touch me, but he was buying me drinks, and I had agreed to meet him.

When the group got outside, she looked at me and asked where I lived, told me she wasn’t letting me drive home and insisting on driving me and my car home (20 minutes out of her way and she missed a meeting) while her boyfriend followed. As we talked on the way home, she told me she was 25 and knew right off the bat that something was up with that guy. In the car, I realize I really was drunk, and that man was trying to make sure I couldn’t drive. This morning I woke up and the night before feels so hazy, I am only sure it really happened because this morning I found her umbrella in my car.

dating safety rules

OK, ladies, for anyone who is going on blind dates or Internet dates:

1. Never give him your last name.

2. Never give him your phone number.

3. Never give him your address.

4. Never get in his car.

5. Agree to meet at a public place for one drink. One. Uno. Eins. Une. Ichi. No longer. (If you are both having a great time you can stay longer, order food, play pool, go to a movie, whatever. But your commitment is for one drink.)

6. Eat something at home or at the bar before you consume said drink.

7. Order a non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drink. Coffee is good.

8. IF ANYTHING about the date, the location, etc. makes you nervous or uncomfortable, put $ down (make sure you always have cash with you, so you don’t have to wait for change or a credit card) to cover your one drink, thank your date for his time and GET OUT. If you are REALLY uncomfortable, do not drive home; he might follow you. Drive to the nearest police station and park near the door under a light.

No matter who you are with, it is better to be rude than unsafe. Please share this with your friends and family to keep them safe.