She’s Horrified To See Blood On Her Daughter After Picking Her Up From Daycare

Words cannot describe the emotional stress, anxiety, & anger I am going through right now I picked up my daughter from Bradford Preschool yesterday and as I walked in I could hear my child crying and carrying on, as I walked down the hallway I could hear one of the workers yelling “stop it,” I am assuming to my child who is 1, I opened the door and see o

ne of the lady’s right by my daughter and it was super awkward like I walked in at the right time for me, but bad timing for them. I see my child bawling her eyes out, snot all over her face. She comes running up to me I pick her up. She immediately stops crying, and they tell me, “oh she has been so naughty today and so mean to the other children,”…like really.


I then take her out to the car as I’m putting her in her car seat I notice blood on her shirt, I lift up her arm to see where the blood is coming from and she has a gouge mark under her arm what to me looks like a finger nail mark from being picked up in an abusive manner, at that point I am enraged. I take a picture right away, you can tell it just happened because the blood is bright red and fresh on her shirt….

I called the law and also called the daycare to talk to the lady and ask what happened, she claims she doesn’t know and that she didn’t see anybody messing with her, then tries to change the subject and says, “oh I’m related to Alyssa’s grandmother,” blah blah…

I was like, “um I don’t care about that ma’am I wanna know what the hell happened to my daughter while in your care…”

She just kept claiming she had no idea.

I then said, “Well isn’t that your job!? To be watching these children, & keeping them safe!!!” I was so angry I told her I was calling the law and we would take it from there because I was not ever taking her back.

I just want to put it out there in case anyone else has children that go there, I have the police and DCF involved at this point and they are working hard to get to the bottom of this!! This is just horrible! We trusted them with our children and this is very unacceptable!! After talking with police yesterday they informed me they have had many complaints from that daycare, so when I got home, we did some digging and came to a horrific discovery of another incident, that happened in October 2015!!! Why is this place not shut down???

blood on 1-year-old daughter


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