The 15 Most Creative Designer Sinks You Have Ever Seen

Designers can turn even the most boring objects into works of art. Take, for example, a bathroom or kitchen sink.
We put together a collection of the most inventive examples. Have a look and find the perfect idea for your next home improvement.

The ’waterfall’ sink made from glass

designer sinks1

A coffee cup-shaped basin

designer sinks2

A chopping board sink

designer sinks3

The cascading waterfall basin

designer sinks4

The cuboid sink

designer sinks5

The sink shaped like a bird’s wing

designer sinks6

A sink that’s also a table

designer sinks7

A low-level sink for the whole family

designer sinks8

A gorgeous Eastern style wash basin

designer sinks9

A mind-bending transparent sink

designer sinks10

A luxurious stone basin

designer sinks11

A high-tech LED sink

designer sinks12

A beautiful kaleidoscope basin

designer sinks13

A spoon sink

designer sinks14

An artful sink perfect for a stone garden

designer sinks15


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