He Is Sick Of Their Dull Dining Room Table, So He Creates Something Beyond Brilliant To Replace It

Imgur user MidnightXII and his family loves to entertain, but their hand-me-down dining room table and chairs were not up to the task. Rather than limit his social life, MidnightXII takes matters into his own hands and renders the dining area completely unrecognizable.

After removing the unwanted furniture from the dining room and surveying the space (with bonus dog pictures included!), the craftsman pulls out the round trim where the wall meets the floorboards and constructs the framework for the booth benches. In the comprehensive picture album below, he carefully documents each step of the process, including the realization that the floor is not level and an unrelated minor snafu involving a vent. In a brilliant move, he opts for heavy-duty outdoor fabric to cover the benches, reasoning, “it’s easy to slide across, it’s waterproof, durable, and hard to stain.”

In the comments section on reddit, user grlldcheese87 compliments MidnightXII’s handiwork, but also provides some constructive criticism regarding the trim of the booth. MidnightXII accepts the comment with grace and responds, “My prior experience with trim was zero, and we basically winged it. This is also the largest project I’ve done to date, so I am not ashamed of some quirks.”

Here’s a few WIP shots:

dining room

Here’s the end outcome:

dining room1

To quell some other queries he received, MidnightXII posted a photo of the back of the bench as seen from the adjacent sunroom. As for whether or not the window can withstand the pressure of being behind the bench, he assures the commenters, “the window is by no means brittle. It’s had full grown adults lean back on it with no issues yet. I’m not worried.”

dining room2

Overall, this handyman appears to be happy with the results of his home makeover, and his dining room looks more than ready to host a party. According to the reddit comments, MidnightXII has already constructed a Lazy Susan as a finishing touch for the table.

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