She Turned Her Phone Packaging Into A Jewelry Box

It’s not uncommon to see hordes of people lining up when the latest-and-greatest smartphone comes out. Apple, in particular, is famous for attracting crowds of customers lining up days ahead of a new product launch. It’s become a bit of a cultural phenomenon, but it isn’t too hard to rationalize it when you consider how integral smartphones are to our lives these days.

DIY Jewelry Box1

Whenever you get a new smartphone, it’s hard not to note the amount of effort that goes into its packaging. Unwrapping and opening a new device is very much a part of the first impressions of the device, but once open, the box is really of little use. Some of us keep them around for a while, but they eventually find their way into the recycling bin.

DIY Jewelry Box2

Before you throw away the box that your smartphone came in, consider that with a bit of creativity, it may still be of some use. Jennifer Priest has come up with a clever way to turn these useless boxes into a beautiful jewelry box that is nothing short of stunning. After seeing how it turns out, you’ll be digging through your drawers to find those old packagings.

DIY Jewelry Box3

Can you imagine that this used to be a box for a cell phone? It looks like something you would have to pay a lot of money for in stores.


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