New Dog Breed Is Quickly Becoming A Favorite Of Dog Lovers

Did you know the Bear-Coat Shar-Pei is an actual thing? Just look at the little bear-pups below:

1. What do you think about the Bear-Coat Shar-Pei?

Dog Breed1

2.Can you believe they are real? Now I want one!Just look at that napping face!

Dog Breed2

3. This one has a silver coat. Adorable!

Dog Breed3

4. Those eyebrows… oh my!

Dog Breed4

5. They can easily be mistaken for a fluffy rug.

Dog Breed5

6. Look at that little tongue!

Dog Breed6

7. This is NOT a bear cub, it’s a puppy.

Dog Breed7

8. They even make bath time extra adorable.

Dog Breed8

9. The head-to-body ratio is unlike any other dog…

Dog Breed9

10. But they love PetSmart as much as any!

Dog Breed10

11. How flippin’ cute!

Dog Breed11

12. Time to play!

Dog Breed12

13. Enjoying a snack with a friend.

Dog Breed13

14. Those paws are MASSIVE!

Dog Breed14

15. Smile!

Dog Breed15

16. Sometimes they just wanna cuddle…

Dog Breed16

17. …Sometimes they wanna hang out with friends.

Dog Breed17

18. But they are always lovable, adorable pups!

Dog Breed18

19. Is this your new favorite dog breed?

Dog Breed19

Can you believe they are real? Now I want one!


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