Your Dog Follows You Wherever You Go. The Reason Why Will Touch Your Heart

The dog is the man’s best friend. When you get home from work, your dog always runs to you in a very excited manner and tries to get your attention. The question is, why does your beloved pooch follow you around all the time?

Your Dog Becomes Sad When You Leave Him
Dog Follows Wherever You Go
We do not need a study to prove this. It is the nature of dogs to seem sad when their human companion leaves the house. It is also their tendency to wait around until their beloved owner gets home. Dogs feel uncomfortable when they are alone and they like with their loving master.

Your Dog Feels Safe Around You.
Dog Follows Wherever You Go
Dogs often feel safe in familiar territory. Some dogs are territorial and do not like being alone or being with other humans. As the dog’s owner and best friend, he would feel safe around you. That would be a reason for him to follow you around the house.

Your Dog Likes Watching You “Do Your Thing”
Dog Follows Wherever You Go
Unlike cats who like watching their human from afar, dogs are very clingy, overly attached and like to wander around with their human companion. This is why your dog likes watching you do your thing in the shower or why he loves being around when you bring your girlfriend over for a drink.

Your Dog Loves You
Dog Follows Wherever You Go
There are numerous studies which indicate that dogs, indeed, have feelings. According to Cesar Millan, “feelings that dogs experience aren’t connected to complex thought”. This means that their love for their human companion is pure, with no motivations. This is probably why your pooch can’t stop following you around! You probably can’t wait to go home to your puppy now,eh?
Dog Follows Wherever You Go


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