This Dog Rejected By Family Gets A Second Chance At Life With New Foster Parent

An old dog named Cookie will get to live the rest of her short life surrounded by love after being neglected by her owner, according to a story posted on Facebook by OC Small Paws So UT in Hurricane, Utah.

Poor Cookie was brought to a San Bernadino shelter as a stray on December 30, 2015, along with a yellow one-year-old lab. According to the above Facebook post, the dogs were buddies. As it turned out, they belonged to the same owner; and this owner showed up one day at the shelter to collect the dog.

That’s singular, because “the owners came back to SBC for the lab but didnt take Cookie,” the post said. “They told staff she was an outside dog and it shows as she us severly matted all over especially on her rear end and ears and smells like a trash can.” It concluded with an assessment of the type of person who would do such a thing to a dog: “Horrible human beings,” it said.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. When people began to hear about Cookie, they came out in droves offering to adopt her. After a few minor surgeries and a couple of baths, she was given to an excited foster parent named Brittany.

rejected dog
As you can see in the photos, the dog and her new owner immediately hit it off.

rejected dog1
From the looks of things, Cookie’s days of suffering neglect at the hands of her owners are in the past.

rejected dog2


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