Adorably Persistent Husky Tries To Wake Owner

Max the husky is one determined dog. While his owner is just trying to sleep, Max has other plans for the day. He walks all over the bed as if it was his own, demanding to be listened to. But the boy in the bed just isn’t getting up.


A hand reaches up from the blankets to pet the dog, pulling him close for a hug, but the husky is still not getting what he wants. Even though it looks like the sun is up and it’s time to play, the boy is just staying in bed.


How the husky chooses to end this confrontation is pretty adorable. It must be a weekend where the boy just wants to sleep in, while Max wants to do something more interesting with their time. But sometimes you just can’t win against the call of a soft bed. Max’s final decision is pretty hilarious to witness, and something many of us are familiar with.


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