Funny Photos Of Dogs Who Firmly Believe They Found The Best Hiding Spot Possible

When it comes to being sneaky, cats may have a bit of an edge on dogs.  Nothing is better than watching them act goofy and try to hide, when it’s obvious they’re just not that good at it.

Some of these cute canines actually do a pretty good job blending into their surroundings, while most of them just can’t.

Check out the 23 cuties in the list below!

1. Ya can’t see me!

2. If I can’t see you…

3. They’ll never find me!

4. Just stay still!

5. This is actually pretty good…

6. No chance of being spotted!

7. One of these things is not like the others…

8. Gotcha!

9. Mirrors are hard.

10. But drapes are the best!