Her Neighbors Restored Her Faith In Humanity After Her Boyfriend Became Violent

I’ll save you the details, but my boyfriend treats me and has behaviors that would wake up anyone in close proximity. In a condo building, this isn’t hard.

Last night things came to a serious emergency. I feared for my life – truly to my core. I thought I was going to die that night. My boyfriend left, drunk and in a rage, trying to steal my cell phone and car keys so I couldn’t call the police or leave my building. After screaming in the hallway, I got my keys and phone back, and he left.

10 minutes later after calming myself, changing my clothes, etc., I opened my front door to leave and drive myself to the hospital for my broken wrist, only to see my across the hall neighbor standing guard outside my door.

He quickly told me my neighbor beside me were up as well and was guarding the lobby door and waiting for the police.

He explained to me my surrounding neighbors had suspected domestic abuse for months. They all came together, strangers who had never met each other. They started recording times, fights they had heard, how they saw me in the elevator 3 weeks ago with a black eye. Saturday morning I returned home with a punched out the back window of my car. They took pictures of the blood all over it before I could get it fixed on Monday. They knew what vehicle he drove. They suspected the illegal activity he is involved in.

These men had never met me before. They didn’t know my name. They didn’t even know his. But they picked up on things over the past few months.

Hours later when my boyfriend returned, still in a rage… they were there for me.

These are the types of people like me need. These are the types of people who restore my faith in humanity.

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