Dog Used For Breeding Her Whole Life Gives Birth For The Last Time Under The New Care Of A Rescue

When animal control heard about Dory, who was kept on a four-foot chain and bred repeatedly for most of her life, they began working with the family to make things right. That’s when the family decided they wanted out.

Dory has given birth to multiple litters while on a chain and many of the puppies did not survive.
dory the dog 1

After being confronted by animal control, her family decided that they no longer wanted the pregnant dog.
dory the dog 2

Dory was surrendered to Clewiston Animal Control, but because the public shelter was overcrowded, rescuers worried that she may not make it out alive.
dory the dog 3

A local foster mom took Dory in and prepared for the babies to arrive. 
dory the dog 4

Little by little, the puppies came into the world…
dory the dog 5

After several hours, she’d given birth to eight puppies: five boys and three girls.
dory the dog 6

Mom and her puppies are healthy and doing well! The pups were all named after characters from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. 🙂
dory the dog 7

It would be Dory’s last pregnancy ever. The dog can now rest knowing she’ll never be used for breeding again. But she is one amazing mother!
dory the dog 8

Once they are weaned, Dory will be spayed and go up for adoption along with her puppies! No more puppies for her!


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