Wedding Photos Taken By A Drone Are Magnificent

The series of photos has been taken during wedding day with a drone. I am working with a drone operator called “Flying World Pictures.”

To get the possibility to fly above some places and catch the beauty of the vastness has been a huge way to express freedom to me.

I wanted to be able to embedded my couple in the purity of their wedding moment and wanted them to be surrounded by the beauty of places and always in deserted places.
I have always thought that the day you get married this is a unique moment and a kind of moment just for the bride and groom and this is why i like to shoot them from above to show their are together but alone alone in the world at the same time.

Drone Wedding Shot1

Drone Wedding Shot2

Drone Wedding Shot3

Drone Wedding Shot4

Drone Wedding Shot5

Drone Wedding Shot6

Drone Wedding Shot7

Drone Wedding Shot8

Drone Wedding Shot9

Drone Wedding Shot10

Drone Wedding Shot11

Drone Wedding Shot12


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