Drywall Worker Creates Stunning 3D Art

When you think of drywall, it usually is in the context of building a house or renovating a room. Not many people would think of how drywall could be incorporated into an aesthetically pleasing piece of art. One man however, Bernie Mitchell, has been taking boring pieces of drywall and turns them into art that will absolutely be the talking point of any room. If you have an exceptionally boring house, it may even be the coolest thing in it. Check out these incredible pieces of drywall sculpture art!

Bernie is based in Ontario, Canada and all of his creations are custom and hand-made pieces of legitimate art. He uses joint compound to create the 3D images and started experimenting with drywall in the early 1990’s. He wanted to play with raised surfaces and how the light interacted with them.

He apparently studied pretty well. The way the light works with the shore line in this sculpture is really spectacular. After he was comfortable with utilizing the light with raised surfaces, he started using barley and wheat stalks to make impressions in the walls. Using the joint compound allows him to layer on top of the drywall and create the 3D images. I love this wilderness depiction. The way he places each sculpture to fit perfectly under the light really adds a lot to the piece. A steady hand and an active imagination seem to be the only limits to what this man can create. A common theme for the art throughout the whole room can really tie everything together.


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