5 Creative Braided Hairstyles You Have To Try

Braids are always trendy and look pretty on everyone. There are a multitude of hair-braiding styles out there and though some braids can look intimidating and really hard to do, most of them are much easier to pull off than you may think.

1. Braid-Wrapped Ponytail

  • Brush your hair free from any tangles.
  • Gather the top portion of your hair, and secure it with a ponytail holder.
  • Put the bottom portion of your hair into a simple braid.
  • Wrap the braid over the ponytail holder. You can embellish your hairstyle with a decorative pin.

easy and cute braided hairstyles1

2. Waterfall Braid

  • Comb your hair, and make sure it’s not tangled.
  • Part your hair on its natural side.
  • Take a hair section, and part it into three equal sections.
  • French braid for 2-3 inches (5-7cm), and then drop the top section of your braid.
  • Pick up a new hair section from directly behind where you’ve dropped the top one. Use it as the new section of your French braid.
  • Repeat the previous two steps until you reach the other side of your head. Then secure the end of the braid with a transparent rubber band or bobby pins.

easy and cute braided hairstyles2

3. The Braided Bun

  • Brush your hair free from any tangles.
  • Separate it into three sections with the middle being the largest one.
  • French braid the middle section, and secure it with pins in a circle.
  • Then French braid the other two hair sections and wrap around the middle braid in opposite directions from each other.
  • Secure with bobby pins.

easy and cute braided hairstyles3

4. Elegant Updo

  • Comb your hair, and make sure it’s not tangled.
  • Gather all your hair into a ponytail on the top of your head.
  • Take a hair section, and drop it off to the side.
  • Create a ballerina bun on top.
  • Braid the section that you left out.
  • Wrap the braid around the bun, and secure with bobby pins.

easy and cute braided hairstyles4

5. Dutch Braid Updo

  • Brush your hair.
  • Take a piece of hair from the top of your head, and split it into three strands.
  • Cross the right strand under the center strand, and then cross the left strand under the center. Repeat.
  • Take a section from the side to add to one of the strands, and continue on the next side. Pick up small hair strands every time you cross pieces under the center strand.
  • Tie off the end of your braid with an elastic band.
  • Twist the bottom of the braid around itself into a bun, and pin into place.

easy and cute braided hairstyles5

No more curling and straightening your hair! Not only will these hairstyles keep your hair neat, they will also protect it from sunlight, pollution, and other harmful agents. Find the braided style that’s perfect for your hair, and enjoy your new look!


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