She Leaves The Toilet Brush In The Bowl For This Brilliant Reason

Let’s face it: the bathroom is still the one room that even the biggest clean freaks like to avoid as much as possible. But after you watch this video, you may be a little less afraid to get in there and make the bathroom sparkle.

My favorite tip has to be the toilet bowl brush tip, because it’s always the one dreaded bathroom item. “After cleaning the toilet, rest the brush between the bowl and the seat,” Melissa says. “Spray it generously with a disinfectant of your choice, I am using rubbing alcohol here, and let it sit, dripping wet, for 10 minutes or so. Then, rinse the brush in the hottest water you can find and allow to drip dry again, using the same method. You should never place a wet brush back into the brush container, that’s when paranormal activity starts to happen.”


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