Mom Puts Curtain Tension Rods In The Corridor For The Most Brilliant Reason

Tension rods make hanging curtains a snap – no drills needed and no damaging holes in the wall. But tension rods aren’t just for curtains anymore. Thanks to crafty life hackers across the Internet, these handy rods have moved out of their window treatment role and into your drawers, your cupboards, even your herb garden. Take a look at these 10 creative tension rod hacks that you can use in just about any room in your house.

1. Drawer organizer Montana Prairie Tales shares this nifty way to keep those storage container lids organized. You can find tension rods as short as 8 inches for small-scale uses like this at sites such as Country Curtains.

tension rod

2. Nursery closet While larger closets need permanently attached rods to support the heavy weight of clothes, you can use heavier-duty tension rods to hold clothing in narrower spaces or for lighter loads, such as a baby’s wardrobe. As your child grows, you can easily change the configuration of the closet.

tension rod1

3. Kitchen organization This trick from Jen Thousand Words puts under-the-counter cleaning supplies within easy reach.

tension rod2

4. Ribbon rack If you’re a hard-core crafter, you’ll love this tip from Karen of Sew Many Ways to wrangle your spools of ribbons. She even attached a yardstick to the shelf below for easy measuring.

tension rod3

5. Hanging herb garden You can turn any inset window into a garden with a tension rod and some hanging pots. DIYer Jill M found all the supplies needed for this project at IKEA.

tension rod4

6. Bed skirt For those of you with bed frames that can’t fit a traditional bed skirt, Melissa Anderson of Seagrass Interiors created a stylish solution using tension rods and remnants from a fabric store.

tension rod5

7. Pet or baby gate This certainly looks more sophisticated than your typical baby gate. But just like pressure-mounted baby gates, don’t use tension rods as a barrier at the tops of stairs.

tension rod6

8. Cabinet organizer Margo from Joyful Homemaking found a handy way to keep small spice jars from disappearing behind bigger containers in her cupboard.

tension rod7

9. Hidden litter box Even cats deserve a little privacy when doing their business. You can build this hidden pet potty by removing the panel of an existing cupboard door and placing a tension rod inside.

tension rod8

10. French cafe window awning Yes, this falls in the curtain category, but it’s such a stylish use of tension rods that we had to share. Kathleen of Musings From a French Cottage gives a tutorial on how to create this project using two tension rods, some canvas cloth and a little paint.

tension rod9

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