14 Of The Simplest Ways To Prepare Your Eggs

Eggs are one of my absolute favorite things to eat. They’re simple to cook with and full of protein! If you’ve been having eggs only for breakfast, you’ve been missing out, my friend.  Some people feel intimidated when it comes to cooking eggs, so here are easy egg hacks that will calm your fears and get you delving into those delicious protein-powerhouses.

And when he puts the egg in the dish after cooking in the oven? That’s the best part!

Here is a list of topics we cover:
1. How to balance an egg
2. How to make a sunnyside up egg in the microwave
3. How to make sure your eggs are still good
4. How to make a perfect scrambled egg
5. Make a poached egg in the microwave
6. Soft boiled egg in 5 minutes
7. Scramble an egg in the shell
8. Crack an egg with one hand
9. Remove egg yolk easily
10. Make scrambled eggs in the microwave
11. How to make perfect and easy sunnyside up eggs
12. How to bake your eggs in the oven
13. How to peel eggs easily
14. Poor man’s Sous Vide egg poaching


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