How To Turn Old Car Parts Into Cool Tables

Any gear head or even up and coming amateur mechanic has run into this problem. You’re working on a car and you’ve got spare parts or a motor that you’re replacing with something bigger, better and newer. But you can’t throw away the old one and you’re not quite ready to sell it. Next thing you know, your “spare engine” has turned into nothing more than a coffee table or some garage decoration. Well, whether it was from being creative or being a complete wise ass, these guys have decided to take their spare parts and actually turn them into some seriously badass coffee tables. These engines are works of art and I have no problem with them being displayed as a center piece in any home.

Engine Tables1

Honda Indy V8: This rare and expensive engine would be a welcome addition to a Honda lovers Man Cave. The individual throttle bodies are a work of art!

Engine Tables2

Ferrari V8: The Ferrari etched glass is a nice addition the this Ferrari V8 coffee table. I’m also loving the ease of portability from the use of the engine cradle as a base.

Engine Tables3

LS Intake With Aluminum Heads: Using the pistons as the legs and the support for the glass top surface gives this coffee table a strong and sturdy appearance. The open valve train also gives it a little unique flare that separates this table from the rest of these photos.

Engine Tables4

AUDI 8 Cylinder: The designer of this AUDI 8 cylinder coffee table has decided to flip the pistons and using the connecting rod as the tabletop surface support.

Engine Tables5

The Boxer Motor: For those interested in the DIY aspect, this is clearly the least complicated table design. This super simple coffee table has just placed the boxer motor under a glass top with four jack stands as legs for support.

Engine Tables6

Air Cooled Porsche: Apparently, using an air cooled Porsche 911 singer motor, touched up with a little black and gold, can create one hell of a “Steam Punk” looking coffee table.

Engine Tables7

OPEL DOHC 16V: The glass top of this table is oddly shaped like an iron, but that still doesn’t take away from the awesomeness of using a dual overhead cammed, 16 valve OPEL 4 cylinder engine as a coffee table base!

Engine Tables8

Exhaust Legs: The creativity of this particular engine block table lies in the plugged off exhaust that’s used as the 8 legged base of this piece of art.

Engine Tables9

Maserati: “Luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve got to hand it to them, the Italians can make a pretty nice car. And their engine, in turn, makes a pretty nice coffee table.

Engine Tables10

Lamborghini V10: Once a 570 hp monster, it’s a crying shame that the intake manifold of this V10 beauty was dismantled and turned into a coffee table.

Engine Tables11

Small Block Wine Cylinders: The easiest way to settle any complaints about you having a small block sitting in your living room? Make it a home for a few bottles of wine and quickly pacify your lady’s complaints.

Engine Tables12

Wright Cyclone: This one puts a little twist on the rest of the post and is one of my favorite engine block tables. This is an engine from an old airplane which I believe to be the Wright Cyclone model. Now I’m no expert on airplane engines so correct me if I’m wrong. How cool is that, 18 cylinders of cyclone power sitting in your living room!

Engine Tables13

Jaguar V12: Oh, the strong and durable jaguar motor. 12 cylinders of fire breathing horsepower!

Those were some pretty amazing examples of creativity. Who would have thought that engine block tables would look so good. It’s a little hard for me to believe that people have a spare Lamborghini engine laying around. If you’ve got the money and the wifey’s jumping your case about the spare motors… why not throw it back in her face by building a new coffee table.


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