Escort Shoots Customer Twice In Head Because “He Was Performing Oral Sex Wrong”

Marissa Wallen, 21, an escort in Washington state says she shot her client twice in the head because he was lousy at oral sex. She then allegedly stole her john’s wallet and gun, left him for dead and went on a $12,000 spending spree in Skagit County.

When the 36-year-old North Everett man did not log in for work from his stay-at-home job on the morning of Oct. 24, his employer called the police.

Police arrived and found him alive, slumped against a wall with dried blood on his head. Two shell casings nearby did not match the caliber of his missing handgun, officials said.

He was unable to speak, so police communicated with him using hand signals, and indicated he knew his attacker but could not provide a name.

After reviewing security footage from the apartment, police saw that Wallen had visited five times in October. She was last seen entering at 8:45 p.m. Oct. 21, and then fleeing at 10 p.m. clutching what appeared to be credit cards.

According to authorities, store security cameras showed Wallen using the cards, and then tracked her down to a home in Mount Vernon, Washington.

Wallen kept changing her story, when confronted with evidence, she finally admitted she shot the man twice in the back of the head, “because he was performing (a sex act) wrong,” according to her statement.

Wallen, who has an 11-month-old child, was ordered held on charges of first-degree assault, first-degree robbery, and first-degree identity theft.

“I was stunned on Tuesday when the first detective came to our door,” next-door neighbor Mark Barnum said. “He said, ‘Your neighbor was shot twice in the head.’”

He said he “heard what sounded like two or three taps coming from the wall. It was notable because we don’t usually hear anything.”

He said he thought the noise was from a hammer.

“It’s just kind of shocking to think perhaps that was maybe — maybe those were the shots. Maybe it was [the victim]. And I feel really bad that I was unable to help,” Barnum said.

“He keeps to himself a lot, he’s got his computer stuff up there. He handles a lot of websites, IT security,” Erik Buxton said.

The man “had been hiring female escorts and frequenting a strip club in Seattle, where he was bragging about how much money he earned and belongings he had at his house.”

Buxton, an escort, said the victim “liked to kind of flash his money a little bit. It’s what’s going to happen you’re going to attract negative people along the way.”

A judge said Wallen had outstanding warrants for her arrest and set her bail at $1 million.

Her public defender, Pooja Vaddadi, said medical problems prevented her from appearing in court several times.

Another suspect, Jenner Matthews, was arrested in the case. The probable-cause document said Wallen made payments to him through Facebook using the victim’s accounts.

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