Her Ex-Husband Was Stealing Checks. Her Ultimate Revenge Stopped That

Late last year my ex-husband completed his descent into a full-blown drug addict. I obtained sole custody of my children, and we continue our life as he does not exist.

But then, around March this year, I receive a strange communication from one of my banks; it notified me that the check I wrote bounce for non-sufficient funds. This was odd as the account it referenced it had been closed for some time. I requested the bank a copy of the check and also came to realize that they were 6 more checks in total denied, due to nonsufficient funds. The checks showed clearly my ex’s handwriting and some he even wrote out to himself signed by me. This pissed me off so much; I can’t even express to this day. This person that does not pay one cent of child support tries to steal little my hard earned money, that helps take care of his children.

I file a police report and literally nothing happens, since a) I don’t have a video of him cashing the checks and b) since the account was closed there was no real impact on me (which is true, I did not lose any money) but to me is still fraud. The law spoke, and I let it be.

About a week later it hit me; I bet he has not told the VA disability we are not married anymore. VA disability compensation amounts depend on your dependents, I sent an online claim to report line, stating we are no longer married and I have sole custody of the children. With this, my rage was over about the whole deal and forgot about it. In May I receive notification that the claim has been closed and if I wanted to know the outcome I need to file some other request. To me, is not that serious, I didn’t care.

Foward to September, I’m still friendly with his parents, and we are out hanging out with the kids. His dad let it slip that he has not received his VA check because they found out that he doesn’t have the girls. I played it off like, really…omg. And it’s been 2 months. So I did some online research, this is the VA’s way of recouping their money whenever they overpay you. By my humble calculations, he was overpaid for having a wife and kids for over 24 months. Which comes to about 3 times as much money he tried to steal from my closed bank account.

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