10 Little Known Facts About Farting That Most People Don’t Know

Everyone knows that passing gas is normal, and everyone does it. That does not stop most of us from being uncomfortable when we do pass gas.  We sometimes try to hold in a much-needed burp and give ourselves unbelievable discomfort.

Even worst than that is the crippling embarrassment we feel when an unexpected fart escapes in a room full of people.

What can we do to remove the stigma and discomfort associated with passing gas?

Here are some fart facts that you may be surprised to learn:

  • Men fart more than women.
  • Farts are made up of hydrogen sulfide that reduces mitochondrial damage. Smelling farts can be healthy, thus next time you fart take a nice deep breath and thank the person.
  • The original meaning of fart is “forth as wind from the anus.” This word was coined in 1962.
  • This is not something to be embarrassed about as it means that you are healthy. A healthy digestive tract produces farts. If you do not fart at all, go to the doctor.
  • Most farting happens at night when we sleep.
  • Female farts tend to be stinkier as females have a higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide.
  • An average person farts around 14 times a day.
  • Those 14 farts a day are enough to fill up a balloon.
  • If you have very tight sphincter you will produce louder farts as they have a smaller tighter area to squeeze from.
  • Termites are animals which produce the most fart. Followed by cows, camels, zebras, sheep, elephants, and dogs.

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