This Dad Stumbled For A Glass Of Water In The Dark, Then Suddenly Noticed His Dog Acting Strangely…

It was the middle of the night, and Walter Lewis was parched. Lewis has rheumatoid arthritis, so he takes a medication that often dries out his mouth. The father of three went downstairs to get a glass of water, and that’s when he noticed his dog Rock acting strange.

On his way back up the stairs, the 5-month-old American bulldog made a noise that caught Lewis’ attention. He headed back downstairs to the dog. “By the time I made it to the bottom of the stairs, he was running up the stairs, and he doesn’t ever come up the stairs no matter what,” he told WANE15, “I think that was his way of telling me we’ve got to go back up.” Now Lewis was certain that something was amiss. He followed the dog up the stairs, then noticed a light below. As he ventured downstairs yet again, he spotted a fire.

Lewis, along with his wife and children, made a mad dash to the roof. He reportedly yelled for help but got no immediate response. Lewis knew he had to act quickly, so he braved his fear of heights and leapt from the roof. “I just said forget it and thought about my family; I couldn’t let them burn up,” he told the news outlet.

The father propped a ladder up against the roof and supervised his family as they descended safely, one by one. WSOC TV Channel 9 reports that Lewis had to carry his 9-month-old boy by the teeth.

Every member of his family made it out safely, except one — Rock. “He was like one of my kids,” he told WANE15. The loss has undoubtedly weighed heavily on Lewis and the family.

If it weren’t for Lewis’ midnight thirst and Rock’s strange behavior, this story could have ended much differently.


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