Young College Student Verbally Abused His Teacher Until She Showed His Dad His Grades

I work at a university, and a student (probably his early 20’s) had a meltdown when we told him that he wasn’t eligible for any federal financial aid after having failed two semesters. To give you an idea, it was mostly F’s with a random D- here and there. I explained that we have an appeals process to regain financial aid if his academic performance was due to extenuating circumstances, but he just screamed a few expletives at us and stormed off. I thought I was done with the student but he ended up visiting our office again, but this time with his dad.

His dad tried to play the intimidating white male figure (I’m an Indian female.) I was trying to protect the student’s academic information, FERPA and all. When his son was like, “Do it. Tell my dad that I won’t be getting financial aid. Tell him. And when you’re done, I’m filing a lawsuit.”

I verified with the student that he wants me to inform the parent and he condescendingly answered, “Did I stutter?”

So I just pulled up his grades for the last two semesters and simply said, “You’re not getting financial aid because we won’t pay you to fail.” The dad looked at the computer screen, looked at the son, apologized to me, and got up. His son tried to get him to be on his side, and the father told him, “I’m not going to pay for your rent anymore.”

The look of fear on the son’s face was worth the verbal abuse I endured.


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