Old Garage Gets Turned Into A Cool Guest House

For as long as I have remembered, I have wanted to turn my future garage into a man cave. I can’t really explain why I’ve always wanted that, I just have. I think it’s the fact that I would have a place of my own that I could hang out without anyone bothering me. Having my own space is very important to me. For other people however, having space for guests and relatives is just as important. Well a man in Canada decided that he had enough of his old dusty garage. He wanted to turn it into a beautiful guest house for people visiting to be able to have their own space. After seeing these pictures of the final product, I have to say I think he knocked it out of the park. Check out this amazing garage turned into a guest house.

garage turned into a house1

The outside of the building doesn’t even really look like a garage anymore. It definitely has a little bungalow feel to it.

garage turned into a house2

Let’s take a look inside and see what makes this place so special.

garage turned into a house3

It’s not a huge space, but for a guest house it is pretty darn spacious.

garage turned into a house4

It has a small stove, refrigerator and even a little breakfast bar to sit at.

garage turned into a house5

There is a small sitting area, with a T.V. mounted to the wall directly in front of the couch.

garage turned into a house6

I absolutely love the raised bed in this place. It gives it a unique look, and man does it look comfy up there.

garage turned into a house7

You may ask yourself where the closet is in this place.

garage turned into a house8

Well look no further than directly on the bed. This is great use of space.

garage turned into a house9

I could take a nap on that thing right this second.

garage turned into a house10

I would love waking up to those windows as well. There is nothing better than waking up to beautiful scenery outside.

garage turned into a house11

It also comes complete with its own washer and dryer.

garage turned into a house12

This bathroom is a pretty decent size for how big this garage turned into a guest house is.

I would live in this place all year round! Personally, I don’t need a big place to live. If I have a place to sit down and watch some T.V., kick my feet up on relax and sleep at night I am good to go. For how big this building is though, it has everything you could ever want from a full size house. I’m gonna have to start looking into renovating my garage this summer!


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