Customer Intervenes When This Rude Woman Treats Cashier Badly

This cashier loved her regulars at the gas station who treated with respect until she encountered this woman.
So, I currently work at a gas station, our usual customers being from the neighborhood down the street. I also live in the same community, so most of our customers are neighbors, recognize me from around the area, have mutual friends, etc. quite an ideal retail job for me. As a result, I am happier, way more personable, and I love love love 97% of the people I see everyday. First name basis, the whole 9 yards.

Anyhow, two days ago, I get this… woman.. who is just a nightmare. I should have seen the signs, since the only rude people I get are not from around here, or unfortunately stereotypically, rich old entitled women. This lady spewed vileness from her veins, I swear. I felt the disturbance in the force. I had a good reason.

She decided to purchase two twelve-pack cases of soda, from two separate exceptionally popular companies. If you purchase two from the same company, you receive a discount of what totals to a few dollars. It’s started as such on the signage for both displays.

She grabs these two cases, as well as a bottle of cheap wine, and is unresponsive to the whole transaction. After she pays, she notices that the computer didn’t take the money off for the discounted price.

“Oh, great, you didn’t discount me, the sign states blah blah blah…”

“Oh, it had to be two cases from the same company, if you want to change I can-“



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