When Her Card Was Declined At A Pizza Express, The Manager Stepped In And Helped

We took the kids for dinner at Pizza Express. There was a very friendly lady dining alone at the next table who clearly had special needs. When the time came for her to pay the bill, her bank card was declined. The waitress told her, in a very kind way, that there was a problem but that she would call her manager for help. Jeremy immediately leaped up and told the wait staff that we would pay for the lady’s meal. However, when the manager arrived, he explained to the lady that she couldn’t use her bank card to pay, but that there was no need to worry; Pizza Express authorizes the restaurant to give away two free meals per month and that, on this occasion, they would like to provide her with a free meal. She was extremely grateful and apologetic that she had been unable to pay. We were relieved that the lady had been treated in such a dignified way and that she was not placed in a difficult position.

Then, the manager approached our table. He said that, as we had shown such generosity, he would like to donate the second free meal that the restaurant was able to offer, to us! We were absolutely dumbfounded! I have never heard of any chain restaurant behaving in such a generous way. We were quite overcome. I made sure that the lady was able to get home okay, then we thanked the staff and left. I think Pizza Express, and in particular the manager of the Surbiton branch, deserve a massive pat on the back. I told the manager that my younger son has special needs and that I was really impressed by how the restaurant had treated this special case. I said that I would share the story on social media. So here it is!


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