24 Genius Life Tricks That Everyone Needs To Know

Life hacks are a real game changer, because you think you have the found the easiest way to do something, and then the internet spits out another hack, and everything changes.

Life can be overwhelming, so I am here to help. Here is a compilation of the most creative and useful life hacks out there. From cleaning to cooking, and even camping, these hacks will make your life that much better.

1. Freeze grapes to chill wine instead of ice cubes

Because who wants watered-down wine? No one, that’s who.
genius life tricks 1

2. We’ve all been there
genius life tricks 2

3. Clean out your keyboard with a sticky note
genius life tricks 3

4. This trick will show you where the hole in your tire is
genius life tricks 4

5. Boom! A water bottle for hard-to-use sinks
genius life tricks 5

6. Genius!!
genius life tricks 6

7. A guide to the ultimate BLT
genius life tricks 7

8. When charging your phone, put it in Airplane mode

It will charge twice as fast, but don’t forget to switch it off after it is done charging!
genius life tricks 8

9. Use a cleaned out sunscreen bottle to hide your valuables at the beach!
genius life tricks 9

10. YES! The best idea, ever!
genius life tricks 10

11. This is amazing
genius life tricks 11

12. The “ninja fold”…this changes everything
genius life tricks 12