7 Exercises To Get Rid Of Side And Back Fat Folds That Actually Work

People tend to overlook their back, forgetting that the back has muscles that require physical activity. Due to this inattention, it causes folds to grow. However, there are some simple and highly effective exercises people can do to strengthen their back muscles. These include the following:

Forward Bends – 3 Sets of 10 to 15 Reps

· Stand straight, making sure your feet are shoulder-width apart

· Without bending the knees, lean forward

· Try touching the floor with your hands

Side Bends – 3 Sets of 15 to 20 Reps

· Stand straight, making sure your feet are shoulder-width apart

· Raise up one hand, putting the palm on your head in the back

· Using a dumbbell with your other hand, raising it up and down

· Do short bends toward the arm using the dumbbell

Pushups – 3 Sets of 20 to 30 Pushups

· Go into a high plank position

· Focus most of your gravity toward your arms

· Bend your arms at the elbows and bring your body down

· Go back to original position

Bow Pose – 1 Set of 30 to 60 Seconds

· Lie stomach down

· Putting arms forward

· Bend your back, making sure to lift your arms, head and legs up simultaneously

· Grab ahold of your ankles

· Breathe deep and remain in that position for several seconds

· Upon exhaling, relax your muscles and go back to lie down position

Superman – 4 Sets of 15 to 20 Reps

· Get on your stomach, stretching out your legs and arms

· Raise both sets of limbs simultaneously to bend your back

· Remain in the position for several seconds

· Go back to the original position

Upper Back Lifts (Using Stability Ball) – 2 Sets of 12 to 15 Reps

· Lie belly down on the stability ball

· Spread your legs shoulder-width apart on the floor

· Put your hands behind your head

· Raise your shoulders and upper back and return to the position, making sure your neck stays straight

Bridge – 2 Sets of 3 to 5 Seconds

· Place your back on the floor, bending your legs at the knees

· Put your palms on the floor but above your head

· Slowly lift your hips and shoulders up to bend your back

· Remain in the highest position you can for several seconds

· Return to the original position by slowly putting your back onto the floor

The Bridge exercise is very effective, but should only be done when you’ve prepared your back. This exercise should only be done after several weeks of regular workouts using other kinds of exercises.


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