Young Bride Walks Down Aisle To Cowboy Groom 6 Years After Drunk Driving Accident Broke Her Back

Life was pretty much perfect for 21-year-old Gina Springhower. She ran her own gymnastic business, earned solid grades in college and enjoyed an active social life. But one simple decision changed everything.

In March 2008, Gina got into a car with her friend who had been drinking. When the car jumped a curb and flipped over, Gina was launched out of the window and onto the pavement. She broke her back and became paralyzed from the waist down.

Doctors said it was a miracle she survived at all.

Suddenly, this young, independent woman had become a “21-year-old infant.” But she pushed on. She spent nine months in therapy at CHI Rehabilitation Center at Immanuel, graduated college and returned to her job teaching tumbling.

Because of her disability, Gina worried that no one would fall in love with her. That was until she met John, who quickly the love of her life. And John loved Gina unconditionally.

On September 13, 2014, Gina and John got married in front of their many friends and family members. But her guests had no idea that the same woman who spent six years in a wheelchair would do the unthinkable while heading down the aisle.

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