15 Pictures Of Gold Nails For Your Glamorous Night Out

Believe it or not, there are other ways you can bring this level of sophistication and beauty to your everyday look — one of the easiest being a manicure. All it takes is a bit of gold polish and glitter, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself wondering why you aren’t out there walking the red carpet with your favorite celebrities!

1. Black Tie Affair

You can’t go wrong with a timeless black and gold combo.

Golden Nails1

2. Star Studded

Amp up your look with edgy accents like these black studs.

Golden Nails2

3. Glamorous

There’s nothing a bit of glitter and sparkle can’t fix!

Golden Nails3

4. Classy

My favorite manis are always super chic and simple.

Golden Nails4

5. Who Are You Wearing?

This glamorous color palette, accented with black diamond embellishments, is beautiful.

Golden Nails5

6. Paparazzi

Pairing nude polish with gold glitter creates a fabulous, Oscar-worthy look!

Golden Nails6

7. Timeless Beauty

The simplicity of this mani is perfect and beautiful.

Golden Nails7

8. Top Honors

A gold accent nail is always a good idea.

Golden Nails8

9. Award Winning Performance

I am loving everything about this look!

Golden Nails9

10. Best Design

An Oscar-inspired manicure should not only be glamorous, but it should also showcase your personality. Using intricate patterns and fun embellishments is a great way to do this.

Golden Nails10

11. Bling

Who says you need the most expensive jewels to look like a star?!

Golden Nails11

12. Glitz

Glitter polish can totally bring out your inner celebrity!

Golden Nails12

13. I’d Like To Thank The Academy

Forget pretty in pink! Now it’s time to be gorgeous in gold!

Golden Nails13

14. Oscar Gold

Using solid gold in your mani may be the fastest and easiest way to “hold” an Oscar in your hands.

Golden Nails14

15. Red Carpet Ready

Incorporating a beautiful red polish into your look is another fabulous idea!

Golden Nails15


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