Nobody Can Agree. Is This Outfit Gray And Teal, Or Pink And White?

We all remember the fateful day in February 2016, when “the dress” hit the internet.

Nobody could agree whether the dress was blue and black or white and gold — it made friends ridiculously angry at each other and made everyone wonder if there was something wrong with their eyes.

Now, there’s another outfit color debate that’s bouncing around the web: this workout outfit.

On July 3, Rachael Stewart posted an image to Facebook, writing, “Dunno how others see anything other than pink and white?”

Immediately, people were outraged. To many, the clothes weren’t pink and white, they were gray and teal!

Within just three days, the post had over 830 shares. The 590 comments were full of people arguing with one another about the colors of the outfit.

It’s honestly so infuriating — I’ve stared at this picture for a long time, and I can definitely only see pink and white. How do people see gray and teal?


Yep, “the dress” is back, but this time it’s in the form of a Nike outfit!

If you don’t want to cause yet another rift in your family, you should probably stop reading now.


So, what color is this outfit?

Do you see teal and gray, or does it look more pink and white?


People everywhere have been arguing about this outfit for days — and it’s easy to see why.

Whether you see pink and white or gray and teal, chances are you can’t see the opposite.

Once your mind decides on one color combo, it can be hard to trick your eyes into seeing the reverse.


It’s not totally clear why some folks perceive colors one way and others see completely different hues.

Back when “the dress” first made news, ABC explained that it’s really all about your brain reading clues.

You might perceive the colors differently depending on factors like time of day and the ambient light around you.


Everyone feels very passionately about the debate.

One woman wrote, “I don’t care what anyone says… this is pink and white. lol.”


A few people are actually able to see both colors, like the woman above.

Another woman wrote: “The top of the shoes and the shirt is pink, and the shorts and the Nike on the shirt is white-ish. But with my sunglasses on it’s grey and turquoise.”


If you’re still unsure about the colors, here’s a close-up of the clothing.

Are you able to see gray and teal and pink and white?


Rachael Stewart, the original poster, confirmed that the outfit is actually teal and gray — but lots of people still see pink and white! What colors do you see?

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