Woman Suffers Serious Infection From Doing Something That A Large Number Of Women Do Daily…

When Audrey Kopp of Kentucky, discovered the bump on her wrist while she was moving into a new home, she was shocked. She went to her doctor who prescribed antibiotics, but the bump got redder and larger and the medication did nothing.

The doctors advised her she would have to have surgery and that’s when they uncovered the truth behind the bump. The life-threatening infection was caused by bacteria from a hair tied she was wearing on her wrist. They told her that bacteria seeped into her pores and hair follicles and led to a serious infection.

Dr. Amit Gupta said Kopp had a large abscess on her wrist that he made an incision into and drained the pus. Kopp initially thought the infection was caused by a spider bite or something similar. However, when the doctor told her that the hair tie was the cause, she decided never to wear hair ties around her wrist anymore.

Kopp advises everyone to be careful and not put hair ties around your wrist because it could lead to an infection. Once the infection is in the bloodstream, people can fall into a coma where the body starts shutting die and they can die.

hair tie infection

hair tie infection

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