Creative Ideas On How To Make An Elegant Necklace

It’s always a pleasure to create something new, cool, and unique. Especially if it’s a beautiful necklace that looks like an expensive high-quality accessory.

Here are some creative ideas for both beginners and skilled masters of handmade accessories. Some of these necklaces are really impressive!

Sand and sea

handmade accessories1
handmade accessories2
This white and blue necklace will remind you of a sunny summer, a sea breeze, and the feeling of happiness that these things bring you. There’s no better way to wear this accessory than on a walk along the sea coast. By the way, the necklace is easy and fast to make.

Delicate flowers

handmade accessories3
handmade accessories4
You can make this charming accessory in several simple steps. Before you start, look closely at the weaving scheme, because you’ll need 2 threads that intertwine.

Add some elegance

handmade accessories5
handmade accessories6
Although this necklace looks voluminous, the weaving is pretty simple and consists of just 2 components. It’s a great choice when you need to look elegant and feminine.

A touch of refinement

handmade accessories7
handmade accessories8
An extremely simple way to beautify your image. The necklace’s length depends on your desire and patience.

We need more gold

handmade accessories9
handmade accessories10
Spikes can become a beautiful detail on your necklace, making your image more sassy.

Beads can look so chic

handmade accessories11
handmade accessories12
You can use this design to create a popular choker necklace that will look elegant in black. And if you wear an off-the-shoulder blouse or dress, all eyes will be on you.

Extremely feminine

handmade accessories13
handmade accessories14
Here’s a more delicate choker in light colors that’ll give you a romantic and light look. The weaving scheme is pretty simple.

Go beyond and create something wonderful

handmade accessories15
handmade accessories16
Strings of pearls framing your shoulders can become an original accessory. It’s better to use thin wire to make it.

Romantic accessory

handmade accessories17
handmade accessories18
Hazy gray and dusty pink beads, metallic pearls — this accessory is meant for a fairy-tale princess or a rich lady of the past centuries. The weaving scheme requires being attentive, but the result is really impressive.

Take your old necklaces and create something completely new

handmade accessories19
handmade accessories20
You can use a plastic headband to make this accessory. If you don’t have any old necklaces you don’t need anymore, you can make them yourself. Be creative! Every accessory shows your individuality.


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