You Can Hang Artwork Perfectly With This Simple Tip

Whenever we move into a new place, wall art is usually the last thing we take care of. Since it isn’t technically necessary, we tend to let it lean against the wall for longer than it should, too lazy to take out a hammer, some nails and a tape measure to figure out exactly where it should go. After all that, when we finally do hang it, it’s often crooked, doesn’t look right or is way too close to the ceiling.

But what if we told you that one simple trick could remove all of the guesswork and headaches from hanging wall art? Maxwell Ryan over at Apartment Therapy has a simple formula (don’t worry, no intermediate math knowledge is required) that will guarantee your art is at the right level every single time. The next time you buy a piece of art or take a great picture of your family, you’ll have everything you need to make sure it looks great in your home.


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