Teen Gets Suspended After Helping Special Needs Child, So Mom Posts This On Facebook…

My son Jake Rucci was suspended from West Boylston HS school today because he left gym class (on Monday…. today is Friday!) to help a special needs child who had wet his pants get cleaned up. To not draw attention to the child and save him from horrible embarrassment, he quietly walked with the boy and another special needs child from gym class, into the school and to the boy’s locker room. After cleaning him up which took about 20 minutes, the two special needs boys started roughing around with each other, and one of the boys accidentally got poked in the eye. Jake immediately brought the boy to the nurse. Jake was suspended because he left the gym without permission. The Principal and Vice Principal told me that this was a “serious, serious” incident. So serious that neither parent of either boy was contacted. They knew nothing of the wetting incident and nothing of the visit to the nurse.

Jake has worked with both of these boys for years! He received class credit last year for being their “gym buddy.” He would have been expected to handle a situation like this exactly as he did. Lord knows my Jake is no angel. He hates school – I wonder why??? I am so proud of him today for taking care of this child and for the special relationships he has with all the special needs kids in West Boylston.

He has a gift and a huge heart. I will fight as hard as I can to the right this wrong. Please share! I have been contacted by dozens of WB parents who are furious. I have been encouraged to seek legal assistance and to contact the media. Is our school so cold and devoid of heart that their focus is on leaving a gym class and not on a child who was in crisis? I love you Jake Rucci, and I am proud to be your mother.


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