A City Hidden In The Caves Of Italy Is Over 9,000 Years Old

Imagine living in a city that is almost as old as the last ice age. It doesn’t seem possible right? There can’t be anything that old that still inhabited right? Well that would be where you are wrong. There is a city in Italy that is approximately 9,000 years old. Walking through it is like stepping into a time machine and being taken back to time when humans were just starting to form what we now know as the birth of a society. The most incredible thing about this place though? There are actually still people living there! These pictures are absolutely stunning and have definitely made this Italian city one of my new bucket list items!

Hidden Caves Of Italy1

The city’s name is Sassi di Matera. It’s located in the southwest portion of Italy, and it is legitimately the oldest inhabited city still in existence.

Hidden Caves Of Italy2

The whole city sits on the edge of a steep ravine, and the whole city is a UNESCO protected site.

Hidden Caves Of Italy3

This place looks like something out of the Flintstones cartoon. The houses are cut into the rock that form the cliffs.

Hidden Caves Of Italy4

Probably the most amazing part about all of this is that people still actually live in this city!

Hidden Caves Of Italy5

Living in the city came with its share of struggles though. Up until the late 20th century, running water, electricity and proper sewage facilities were nonexistent in this place.

Hidden Caves Of Italy6

The homes are carved seamlessly into the rock. They create an intricate maze of back alleys and stair cases that slowly ascend the cliff.

Hidden Caves Of Italy7

As the population of the city grew, new holes were carved into the rock. Disease was rampant however, with malaria being a constant threat.

Hidden Caves Of Italy8

Basic supplies became more scarce throughout the city. Some families were forced to live with their animals, and diets were extremely simple.

Hidden Caves Of Italy9

After WWII, residents were reluctantly forced to move. They were moved to more modern homes located in the Matera town on the cliff.

Hidden Caves Of Italy10

The residents were overjoyed when it was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.

Hidden Caves Of Italy11

The city has gotten a good amount of screen time as well. It has been used as a backdrop for multiple biblical movies, including Passion Of The Christ in 2004.

Hidden Caves Of Italy12

Several caves were allowed to be turned back into cozy little homes. With many modern updates however.

Hidden Caves Of Italy13

Some of the caves have also been turned into small little restaurants and hotels.

Hidden Caves Of Italy14

This may be one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen.

Living in a place like this would have to make you appreciative of all the history contained in these walls. I would be in awe everyday that I had the privilege of living in a place like this. Some of the earliest humans lived in these caves, that is absolutely mind boggling. This place has definitely taken a new place on my bucket list. Hell, I’d move here if I could!


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