Instead Of Buying A Bigger House, Husband Built His Own Impressive Expansion

When this family learned they were having twins, they needed more room in their two bedroom house in a hurry. So the husband began by enlisting his dad’s, and went to work right away!  They started by building a base in the stairwell.
home expansion projects 1

Once secured, they covered it with treated floor boards.
home expansion projects 2

Voila! A study and a play area, and little bit more room for everyone!
home expansion projects 3

Look at the finished result, doesn’t it make just the perfect addition?
home expansion projects 4
This is such a great idea. It’s a relatively inexpensive way of giving you and your family just the right amount of wiggle room when you know you won’t be able to uproot yourself right away. I’ll definitely be keeping this idea in mind!


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