40 Creative Ideas To Organize Your Home

If you find the right way to organize your home, then you’ll be able to enjoy living and working, hosting friends, and bringing your date home even in the smallest apartment.

Here’s 40 brilliant ways to help you store all kinds of items that often leave your home in a mess. Each one of them is so simple that you can try it right now.

The Kitchen

1. Use a tension rod to hang cleaning detergents under the sink.

Home organizer1

2. A magnetic rack for knives.

Home organizer2

3. Tension rods to sort items on the shelves.

Home organizer3

4. An ordinary file holder can be used for storing foil and baking paper.

Home organizer4

5. A magazine holder works perfectly for keeping the lids of pots all in one place.

Home organizer5

6. Use magnetic tins to store your spices on the refrigerator door.

Home organizer6

7. A pegboard with hooks is a perfect way to keep your kitchenware organized.

Home organizer7

8. Vertical silverware storage lets you save on space.

Home organizer8

9. Keep bulk foods in labeled containers.

Home organizer9

10. Get the most out of your cabinets by adding hanging shelves.

Home organizer10

11. A wall-mounted dish drainer will save space on the counter and in the cupboards.

Home organizer11

12. An extra shelf will always come in handy for additional storage space.

Home organizer12

The Closet

13. Use pants hangers for your high boots.

Home organizer13

14. A wall rack can be an ideal home for your favorite shoes.

Home organizer14

15. Shelf dividers work well for items that don’t require hanging.

Home organizer15

16. Belts go straight on to the sliding rack.

Home organizer16

17. It’s always nice to see all of your glasses on one hanger.

Home organizer17

18. Hang bags on hooks (even shower hooks work great).

Home organizer18

19. No more tangled jewelry if you organize it all using adhesive hooks

Home organizer19

20. Attach your drying rack to the ceiling to make drying comfortable

Home organizer20

21. One great way to store your bracelets is by using glass bottles

Home organizer21

22. In case you’re afraid to break the bottle, use a paper towel holder

Home organizer22

23. Plastic pipes are great for organizing scarves and ties.

Home organizer23

24. Double your closet space by using the pull-tabs from cans to hook hangers together.

Home organizer24

25. Sheets and duvet covers can be kept inside the pillowcase of the same linen set.

Home organizer25

The Bathroom

26. Towel rails and baskets can pair up to take care of your shower essentials as well as your towels.

Home organizer26

27. It’s a great idea to store tooth brushes in a bathroom cabinet.

Home organizer27

28. A magnetic strip is an excellent way to keep track of your bobby pins, tweezers, nail clippers and other bathroom items.

Home organizer28

29. PVC works great at holding your hair dryer, curling iron and so on.

Home organizer29

30. Sponges, cotton pads and swabs are easy to organize using jars attached to the wall.

Home organizer30

31. Toiletries, paper towels, and other rarely used items will all sit well on the shelf above the door.

Home organizer31

32. Your cosmetics will all be within arm’s reach with a magnetic cosmetics board.

Home organizer32

33. A shoe organizer is an excellent idea for storing cleaning detergents.

Home organizer33

Other Little Things

34. Egg carton can also work as an organizer for your Christmas tree ornaments

Home organizer34

35. Empty coffee cans can help store your knitting threads and other bits and pieces.

Home organizer35

36. To prevent the clutter from building up in your bedroom or living room, keep your DVDs in media boxes

Home organizer36

37. To settle the question of tangled wires once and for all, try this.

Home organizer37

38. A shoe organizer can also be used to store various smaller items.

Home organizer38

39. Vinyl records, magazines, and books will all fit inside a storage & window seat.

Home organizer39

40. Rolling drawers like these let you use the space under the bed wisely. DIY by screwing wheels onto old wooden boxes.

Home organizer40


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