She Was Proud Of Her Mom For Buying A Veteran’s Groceries

My Mom asked me to run to the store today with her so she could get groceries for the weekend. I obliged to keep her company.

The gentleman she is standing with is a Vietnam Marine Veteran. He said hello to us, we thanked him for his service and we were about to move on. Peering into his basket and the upset look on his face it was obvious he needed some help. Mom and he exchanged some words, and she directed him to get in line with us.

honoring veteran

He told us he was a drill sergeant in the Marines and ‘kept those boys in line.’ When he finally realized mom was going to pay for everything he started to cry which made me start crying, so I had to turn away. He was so grateful.

When he left, he hugged us both, thanked us for our kindness and for God sending us his way. God is good.

There is love. There is hope. There is kindness.

God bless our Veterans. All our military. All Americans. God bless the world and keep the kindness and love shining through their hearts.

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