She Place Pieces Of Lemon In The Oven For This Brilliant Reason

So many things we use each day cause health problems. Chemical cleaning supplies can be hard on your skin, release fumes that make you sick or be dangerous for children. You can avoid all of these things and still have a spotless space to call your own. This list is full of solutions you’ll love!

1. Use Vinegar To Clean Calcium From Everything That Leaks

Calcium is unsightly and difficult to clean. It happens when you live in a place that has “hard water” or water that contains a lot of calcium. Over time, this stuff makes a mess that you can now clean with vinegar (much healthier than chemicals in cleaners).

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2. Baking Powder Paste Power!

This paste will power through grease and gunk without damaging sensitive areas like wood cabinets. It’s also natural, easy to make and easy to use. Winner!

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3. Three-Ingredient Homemade Grout Cleaner

A grout cleaner is probably the last thing you want to spend your hard-earned money on. Baking soda, vinegar and water! You now have a solution for this and it’s as easy as these instructions.

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4. Never Scrub Your Toilet Again!

Vinegar can keep your toilet fresh for weeks after you cleaned it. All you’ve got to do is fill a mason jar with vinegar, poke some holes in the lid and turn it upside down in your toilet tank. Every time you flush, the vinegar mixes with the water. This trick will deodorize your bowl all day long.

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5. When You Stop Wearing Polka Dots Because They Remind You Of Spots

Wax paper is great for keeping your chrome spotless after you clean it. Once you’ve done your stuff in terms of cleaning, wait for your faucet to air dry and then rub your wax paper on it. The wax will allow water to slide off instead of drying in place and causing a spot.

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6. Salt For That Cast Iron Pan You Love

Though these babies are meant to keep some of their seasoned flavor, they could use a bit of freshening. Take a dry sponge and some loose salt, scrub the thing with it and enjoy that new, old pan smell.

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7. Grease Ain’t Got Nothing On This

A grease stain could spell disaster for that favorite blouse you just ruined—or did you? Nope, we’ve got you covered. Check out these instructions for grease removal and turn back time.

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8. Your Brass Is Grass (Well, Mother Nature Wouldn’t Mind With This Solution)

Brass is beautiful and when it’s polished, it can be stunning. If you have some tarnished hardware, consider this concoction of vinegar and flour to do the job. You won’t be disappointed.

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9. Wrinkle Free And Ready For The World

A wrinkle releaser is another thing you really shouldn’t spend money on. Your mother might tell you to dust off that iron but the fire department? They support you trying this.

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10. Glass Cleaner You Can Trust

Glass cleaner contains some pretty terrible chemicals to get that “streak-free shine”. You don’t need those store-bought bottles of poison when you have this handy-dandy list. Make your own damn window cleaner.

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11. A Lemony Oven | A Fruit Fly Genocide

If you’ve got fruit flies, we’ve got a means to killing them in cold blood and lemony freshness. Simply cut a lemon, place it in the oven and leave the door open overnight. In the AM, shut the door and turn that baby on. In a few minutes, all you’ll have to do is wipe down the carcasses and beat your chest in victory.

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12. But Don’t Throw That Lemon Out Right Away

If you did #11, keep your lemons. These majestic fruits of citrus gold make great scrubbers. Dip the juicy part into some baking soda and use it to scrub your sink or bathtub and polish all your chrome.

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