How To Create Fabulous “No Heat” Curls Using Paper Towels

Having your hair curled is one of the wildest changes you can make to your everyday look, and it’s perfect for parties and formal events. But having to go through the whole process with the curling iron can be quite daunting, especially when you’re not too used to it. One wrong step and you could accidentally burn an entire strand of hair right off – the horror!

Luckily, there’s an easy alternative that’ll only require some paper towels and help from a friend. The concept involves dampening your hair, then rolling it up into tight curls. The process isn’t new, but doing it with paper towels, instead of rags or actual hair rollers, provides an easy, extremely accessible version that is no less effective. Have a look at the process below, provided by popular YouTube channel Cute Girls Hairstyles.

how to create no heat curls 1

Start by rolling up a strand of damp hair around a piece of paper towel. Rolling upward or downward is your choice.

how to create no heat curls 2

Roll it all the way up to your ending point, then use the two ends of the paper towel to tie a knot around your rolled-up hair strand. Repeat until your entire hairdo is curled up.

how to create no heat curls 3

Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyles recommends giving your hair a few hours to dry naturally, rather than subjecting it to a blow-dryer. You can even sleep on it and get back to it the next morning. Once you’ve given it enough time, simply undo the paper towel knots and remove them.

how to create no heat curls 4

Because the result is an extremely curly head of hair, Mindy recommends pulling your curls apart to make more subtle curls, rather than very obvious ones. The choice is yours. You may also want to avoid creating curls on the very top of your head if you have shorter hair, as that section may be better left straight.

how to create no heat curls 5

Your hair is now beautifully curly and ready to be customized or accessorized whichever way you fancy!


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