Police Suggest A Very Sensible Idea For People To Help Find A Lost Child

Every parent’s nightmare is losing your child in a crowded place, and all parents know, all it takes is one momentary lapse in concentration, and they’re gone.

To avoid this terrifying scenario, parents need to talk with your children about what to do if you get separated. This way, you’re prepared in case of emergency. However, now there’s an extra precaution parents can take to keep their kids safe before even leaving the house… and it’ssimple!

Blogger Cherise McClimans has a genius way to help parents find their missing children… write the parents’ contact info on the child’s wrist or arm.
kids in crowd 1

To keep the ink from rubbing off, brush it with a few coats of liquid bandage.
kids in crowd 2

The solution dries clear, so it will preserve the message like a temporary tattoo.
kids in crowd 3

It should last for up to several hours, even if your child washes his or her hands! This way, any adult who finds the missing child will know exactly whom to call.
kids in crowd 4
This is such a great idea! While you should definitely have other plans in place, this is another strong precaution you can take.


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