She Shows You A Brilliant Trick To Freeze And Store Avocados

Avocados are some of the finest fruits you can eat.  They’re so versatile and delicious!  There is one issue, if you buy too many, they tend to get soft and go bad. Who wants the sad job of throwing out bad avocados?

how to freeze avocados 1

Jodi Brown has the answer to this situation. She bought a large amount of avocados and cut them all in half. Jodi says she only eats about half an avocado a day, so clearly all of these wonderfully ripe ones in front of her will not be finished quickly enough to stay nice. But she shows you how to make them last.
how to freeze avocados 2

Her trick is quick and easy, and keeps them ripe. These are especially great for smoothies, but also usable for guacamole. So stock up!


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