Try This Simple Trick To Knit A Scarf Using A Box

Not everyone can knit. It seems easy and relaxing, but watching endless tutorials doesn’t always help, and your Grandma already thinks you’re hopeless with a knitting needle. Still, sometimes you’re itching to make something with your own hands! A scarf, for example, of just the perfect color and the perfect length.

You will need:

  • 2 tissue boxes
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • packing tape


1. Cut off the bottoms of both boxes.

How To Knit a Scarf1

2. Put one box into another and cut out 0.5 — 1 inch squares along the top edge at approx. 1 inch intervals. The result will sort of look like a castle wall.

How To Knit a Scarf2

3. Secure the end of your skein of yarn with the tape as shown in the picture below.

How To Knit a Scarf3

4. Wrap the working (long) end of the yarn around each ’tooth.’ Make sure not to wrap it too tight.

How To Knit a Scarf4

5. Starting from the second (top) round of loops, pass the working end of the yarn from top to bottom into the loop of the first (bottom) round, staying outside of the box. Grab the resulting new loop with two fingers, pull it out and over the ’tooth.’

How To Knit a Scarf5

6. Keep knitting until you reach the desired length (60 inches is a good length for a scarf).

How To Knit a Scarf6

7. Pull the scarf out of the box through the hole in the bottom.

How To Knit a Scarf7

8. Fasten off the yarn and secure it.

How To Knit a Scarf8

9. Your new awesome scarf is ready!

How To Knit a Scarf9

For more detailed instructions, watch this video:


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