Here’s An Easy Way To Remove Grease In Your Kitchen

For anyone that’s ever taken a home economics class, a cooking class or a fire safety class, it may not come as a surprise to you that oil and water aren’t compatible.

They don’t mix, and water won’t really do anything to remove any built up grease or oil either, so how are you supposed to clean it? In a time when cleanliness has never been more prudent scrubbing oil stains can take more of your time than you’d originally hoped, but it won’t if you actively utilize this tip from Teresa Ward on the EHow At Home Channel!

You could use the expensive and chemical filled household cleaners to get them out, but why bother with that when just a couple drops of mineral or vegetable oil will do? Plus the fact that it leaves a decent shine behind on those wooden cabinets is a bonus you generally get with Pledge but without the smell. This is perfect for those looking to get into more natural cleaners!


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