15 Cartoons That Seamlessly Capture The Dark And Funny Side Of Human Evolution

This year’s International Darwin Day has already come and gone. On February 12, people from around the world stopped to honor the visionary man who developed the theory that would radically change science.  How do people celebrate Darwin Day? According to the organizers, you celebrate by “reflecting and acting on the principles of intellectual bravery, perpetual curiosity, scientific thinking, and hunger for truth, just as Darwin had.”

Ever since Charles Darwin released “The Origin of Species,” many have tried to extrapolate how the theory of evolution affects our understanding of where we came from.  To some people, Darwin’ s theory was incredibly offensive, while others based their entire personal philosophy off of evolution and natural selection.   You won’t see any of those views in the comics below.
These cartoons showcase the hilarious, and sometimes darkly twisted side of Darwin’s theory.  Some prove a point, some are just silly, but they all celebrate the ideas behind International Darwin Day.  Enjoy.

1. “Evolution”
Human Evolution
As this cartoon shows, sometimes we don’t do the best job at taking care of where we came from.

2. The Evolution of Cell Phones
Human Evolution
Humans aren’t the only thing that have changed over the years, usually technology follows.

3. The Evolving Size of Pants
Human Evolution
The population may have gotten bigger, but swim suits sure have gotten smaller.

4. Becoming the Barcode
Human Evolution
Our journey from primate to mindless consumer.

5. The Evolution of the Parasite
Human Evolution
A history of what has been sucking us dry.

6. The Current State of Man
Human Evolution
We now live most of our lives with our heads down. That wouldn’t have worked in prehistoric times.

7. Nuclear Evolution
Human Evolution

8. Evolution of the Photographer
Human Evolution
All photographers know this is true.

9. What we write with.
Human Evolution
We’ve come a long way since cave drawings.

10. “Legolution”
Human Evolution
I don’t remember this in Origin of Species.

11. “The Homersapien”
Human Evolution
Apparently evolution exists in television shows too. I wonder where SpongeBob came from?

12. “The Evolution of Communication”
Human Evolution
Sometimes, evolution doesn’t end up in the greatest place.

13. Homo Eco Sapiens
Human Evolution
I love happy endings.

14. Respect Your Elders
human Evolution

15. How We Kill Bugs
Human Evolution
I’ll take bug spray over a leaf any day of the week.


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